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Cape Town meetup

Hey guys!

The next Cape Town meetup is coming up! It'll be on 5 December at 3pm at A Touch of Madness in Observatory. Please try to make it, and invite your friends.

By the way, we have decided to fix dates for all our future meetups, to make it easier for people to plan ahead. Here they are:
The first Saturday of February
The first Saturday of April
The Book Fair weekend in June
The first Saturday of August
The first Saturday of October
The first Saturday of December

Until we find our new OBCZ, venues will have to be announced closer to the time.

September South African Challenge

I have registered the following book as part of this challenge. Should any South African Bookcrossers be interested in any of them please send me a PM otherwise they're up for wild release

#1 Voor ek Vergeet- Andre P Brink:
#2 Die Geel Kafee- Koos Kombuis
#3 Triomf- Marlene van Niekerk
# 5 Vergenoeg- Marieta van der Vyver
# 6 'n Gelyke Kans- Jeanne Goosen
# 7 Memories of a Game Ranger- Harry Woluther

#8 Thomas Pakenham- Illustrated Boer War

#9 People Who Have Stolen From Me- David Cohen

Happy bookcrossing

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Bookray: The Dressmaker

Anyone want to take part in a South African bookray?

An American bookcrosser is going to send me a book, The Dressmaker, and she would like the book to continue to travel through SA as a bookray.

The book sounds really lovely and I've been wanting to get my hands on a copy for a while (a friend of mine read it and recommended it a few years ago). If you're interested, please PM Germanophile by the end of September so that she can add you to the list.
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Cape Town meetup

The next Cape Town meetup is coming up!

When: Sat 23 May, 3pm
Where: Obz Cafe

As always, bring books to swop if you can, otherwise just bring yourself. Friends are always welcome!

We're trying out different venues in search of a new possible OBCZ. If you have any ideas, please let us know!

Cape Town meetup

The next Cape Town meetup is this Saturday, 21 Feb, 15:00-17:00 at Doppio Zero in Cavendish Square. As always, all are welcome! Bring some books to swap if you have, but if you don't come anyway for coffee and some good conversation. Hope to see you there!
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Would you like your book to travel to Namibia?

Cape Town Bookcrosser Klaradyn asked me to post this for her:


It has just been confirmed that a colleague and I will be going on a business trip of 10 days to Namibia. We'll be travelling through various towns and cities. If you would like me to release one of your books while we are there, please contact me via PM for my postal information, or look me up on RABCK.

What's in it for you?
1) Your book travels to two countries, South Africa and then on to Namibia.
2) I promise to send a postcard from Namibia to every person who sends a book.
3) I will draw the name of one contributor, and that person will get a surprise package from me.

Now here is the problem. We are leaving on 25 February, so any books would need to have reached me by Saturday 21 February at the latest. This means you would have to send it quite quickly. I hope this won't deter you! Thank you to anyone who is considering this :)